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With my stress levels as high as they are now, I need to use my precious weekend time to the best of my ability. No long, boring journeys, shopping or other time wasters for me.

On Saturday I have a dentist appointment in the morning. That's definitely not what the doctor ordered, stress upon stress but I need to get my check-up done. After that I may go to my favourite nursery and pick up some primroses. Browsing among pretty, colourful spring bedding should help me perk back up. The weather is going to alternating rain with more rain so I doubt I'll get them in the ground. But even just grouping them on top of the pots would help cheer things up in the garden.

In the evening I'll either watch TV or, if I feel up to the drive, I could go to Amaravati. But only if I bring the CD player so I can sing along to my music. That is a real stress buster.

On Sunday a vigorous workout would be good. That will help me relax and unwind. A nap to catch up on some much-needed sleep would be helpful too. I need to try and do something about my messed-up tummy too. If I can eat only things that are soothing and restful for my tummy, hopefully I won't feel as uncomfortable. Maybe I could watch a DVD too. Although it would be good if I could deal with something from my to-do list too. Striking off things that have been nagging me for a long time always feels good.

OK, now off to bed so I'm not too tired tomorrow.
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