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I went to Portland for a conference at the end of April. On the weekend, I took in some sights in and around Portland.

This robot lives at San Jose Mineta Airport. It would have been fun to get her help in taking a selfie, but sadly it didn't work.
A robot selfie would have been fun if it had worked.

Instead I took a selfie when I got to the hotel.
And selfie  in portrait mode.

Here is the view from my hotel room window. I chose a room with a kingsize bed as high up as possible. That was on the 20th story, if I remember correctly.
View from my hotel window.

The whole West Coast had a very wet winter this year. So Portland was very green and lovely.
Purely decorative clock.

As a Californian, I did a double take when I saw drinking fountains bubbling away like this. Viewing water as a precious commodity that must not be wasted, is becoming an ingrained habit.
What a pretty way to waste water.

I liked the contrast between old and modern buildings on Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Circle of life for buildings.

The beaver is the state animal of Oregon.
The beaver is the state animal of Oregon, I'm told.

Isn't this pink dogwood stunning?
Candy floss pink dogwood. #pdx

This is from the conference itself. Jared Spool was introducing Hagan Rivers.
.@jmspool introduces @haganrivers #uxinteractions2017

Here's the final slide summing up Hagan's talk. It was about enterprise applications on mobile platforms.
Summary of @haganrivers' talk about enterprise apps on mobile screens. #uxinteractions

I'm not sure if these objects were meant as art installation or lamps. They didn't give off a lot of lights, so I'm thinking they were meant as art. Either way, I liked them.
Cool lighted art installation.

One evening there was a reception on the 23rd floor of the hotel. From there you could see all the way to the Willamette River.
You can see the river from the 23rd floor. #uxinteractions

A lot of the time it was misty and/or drizzly.
Mist-shrouded Portland. #uxinteractions

Here's a very foggy shot of Pioneer Courthouse Square taken early in the morning on my last day in Portland. It was a good visit. The conference was great and now I've been to Portland.
Foggy morning. #pdx

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