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I drove up to the City for some fun. First I visited the San Francisco Dungeon experience. This was in the ladies' restroom. The whole experience was fun, if rather expensive.
The Dungeon was fun.

They take pictures of visitors before the tour and sell for an exorbitant price. I got the photos despite that.
San Francisco Dungeon

After the Dungeon, I walked along the very touristy Jefferson Street. There was a pop-up 3D modeling portrait studio. I thought that was very cool! A little statue of yourself, a pet or loved one, would set you back $100 or more. Wouldn't it be cool to have little statues like this on the mantlepiece instead of the traditional 2D photos?
Pop-up shop at Fisherman's Wharf sells 3D portraits. Starts at $99.

It was nice to walk along the waterfront. Wise from previous visits, I had brought along lots of layers. But, as you can see, the weather was unusually warm and sunny. So I didn't need those at this stage of the visit. They came in handy later, though.
Boats ⛵️.

There's a tiny little beach in the Maritime National Historic Park. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from it. The hills behind the bridge are the headlands of Marine County.
A famous bridge.

The historical ships moored in the park looked lovely in the ample sunshine. The museum building is a pretty art moderne creampuff. I'd like to explore it at some point. The architecture may be more interesting than the subject matter, though.
Historical ships at the Maritime National Historical Park.

I'd been thinking of getting a milkshake at Ghirardelli's but too many others had the same thought. The line snaked around the block, so I gave it a miss.
Ghirardelli's had a terribly long line, so I didn't get a milkshake.

I met up with some friends in the SoMa district. First we had a snack, then we went for a walk. One of my friends is a former tour guide, so I always discover new things when I go on walks with her. Here's an inside-out chandelier at a hotel on Market.
Inside out chandelier.

Another little gem along Market Street that I've never seen before: a wonderfully cooling contemporary fountain.
Cool glass fountain.

The City is getting a new skyscraper. It's currently called the Salesforce Tower. It forms part of the new transit terminal building complex.
New skyscraper under construction. This is the Salesforce Tower, previously known as the Transbay Tower.

There are quite a lot of high rises in the SoMa district. Here an older one is reflected in the mirrored facade of another.

The reason I went to the City was to take in an exhibition at SF MOMA with my friends. Here's the Alexander Calder mobile in the lightwell of the museum.
Alexander Calder mobile in the light well at SFMOMA.

We went to see the Diebenkorn/Matisse exhibition. I love Diebenkorn, particularly his early and middle period. The later non-figurative period is not my cup of tea. It was the last weekend of the exhibition, so it was packed. That's why I didn't take any photos. But I bought two fridge magnets. Here they sit on my refrigerator back home, together with one from the SF Dungeon. Aren't those rats cute?
New refrigerator magnets. #diebenkorn

After I was done with Diebenkorn, I walked around some more in the museum. This painting by Clyfford Still makes me think of driving through the dappled shade cast by redwoods. It's a lovely feeling.
This painting by Clyfford Still makes me think of driving through the dappled shade cast by redwoods.

I'm not sure why, but Ellsworth Kelly's Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance makes me happy. I wonder if that was his intention.
I'm not sure why, but Ellsworth Kelly's Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance makes me happy.

The South of Market location of SF MOMA makes for a lot of very urban compositions seen through the windows. I'd hate to live in this kind of environment, but it makes for interesting photos.
Urban composition I

Another very urban composition. It was getting late and the sun was setting. Another skyscraper under construction can be seen in the center of the photo. It's the Oceanwide Center.
Urban composition II

A friend who'd been to the museum the week before had talked up an exhibition of British sculpture on another floor. She described this sculpture to me. Although her description didn't make a lot of sense at the time, when I saw it, I understood immediately.
Quantum Cloud VIII by Antony Gormley was part of a small exhibition of British sculpture.

Another view out through a museum window. This one captures a high rise that's sometimes called the Jukebox, for obvious reasons. It's a hotel in the post-modern style.
The Jukebox is a hotel in the postmodern style.

And that was one of the last photos I took on this outing. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.
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