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The gums around my lower jaw canines have been receding badly for years. On Friday I had surgery for that. The periodontist took a graft from the left side palate and applied it to the lower jaw. The cost after insurance was about $2,200. This surgery was a necessary preparation for getting veneers. At the rate I'm going, I'll have presentable teeth by the time I turn 60. :-/

The first photo is the afternoon after the surgery. The dark things are sutures. I was concerned because one suture came out of the palate. But when I called the periodontist, he said that it wasn't a cause for concern. It's only if the sutures come out of the grafts, that I need to worry.
The dark strings are sutures. The anesthetic has worn off.

By the evening, I had developed a thumb-shaped bruise on the left side of the chin. This photo I took the morning after the surgery. There's a less obvious bruise on the right side of the chin, too. Both sides are swollen, the left side more so.
My chin is pretty swollen, particularly on the left side.
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