Jun. 10th, 2007

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  1. Bleach hair

  2. Fix bathroom sink

  3. Pack for Norwich

  4. Order train tickets
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Brook by Nether Worton Yesterday I drove to Nether Worton in Oxfordshire, walked to Barford St. Michael and back. The photo was taken near the beginning of the walk. The weather was warm but mostly cloudy.

brook )

Barford St. Michael has been a favourite place of mine ever since I first went there and happened to come on their open gardens day. There are things I'm going to miss about the UK when I leave and walking through this quaint village with flowers and honey-coloured stone all around me is one of them.
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I feel like I've been busy all day without actually accomplishing anything. But I have. It's just that the main thing I wanted to accomplish turned out to be too hard so I had to abort and make alternative plans. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I started the day by bleaching my hair and posting a photo from yesterday's walk. Then I went to HomeBase to find a wrench, so I could open the S-curve below my bathroom wash basin.

At HomeBase I got advice from a very efficient woman with a blonde pony tail. I came home, realised why she thought it would be so difficult and gave up after 15 sweaty minutes. I'll have to call in a plumber instead -- it's just too hard. So I sent an email with plumbers' phone numbers to my work address. Hopefully I'll have time to call somebody tomorrow, although that may be hard.

On Tuesday morning I'm going to Norwich. This time it's not quite as frightfully early. My train leaves from Liverpool Street station at 8.30, so I won't have to get up until 5 this time. Maybe I can even make it as late as 5.30, if I prepare enough tomorrow night.

After I gave up on the plumbing I've been packing for Tuesday, picking up the living room and sifting through my personal care box.

I've got this big Ikea cardboard box with a rose print on in the bedroom. In it I've been storing body lotions, plasters, toothpaste tubes etc. There was lots of junk in there that I threw away. In the end I had two plastic bags full of junk. It was good to get rid of all that stuff. I realised while doing it that I have more body lotion than I can possibly use in the remaining months.

Next weekend Kieron is coming here. I miss him.
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