Apr. 13th, 2017

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Today I went to Almaden Valley Nursery in south San Jose. It was a very productive shopping trip. Particularly as my car was getting serviced while I was enjoying the nursery.

I got there a bit early. This is what I saw as I looked through the window. There were at least two nursery cats, I discovered later. They were chatty and friendly. It was pretty cold and drizzled on and off but petting the cats helped my mood.
Gift shop cat. 🐈

I took this picture for a friend who loves true blue flowers. They're Corydalis curviflora Blue Heron. Sadly my friend can't grow these. Nor can she grow Meconopsis, another true blue flower.
Wow, these Corydalis curviflora Blue Heron are very blue.

lots and lots of plants )
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8 am Car service
Buy plants and other stuff for the garden

Buy Dreamwidth account
Import [livejournal.com profile] mjausson to Dreamwidth
Weekly prayer
7.15 pm CoDA meeting

Fill medication organizers
Organize downstairs file cabinet and box

Post vacation photos
Incoming snail mail
Pick up kitchen and living room
Program new garage door remote (Didn't work. Returning it and getting another)
Clean out car
Submit bills to Cigna
Submit bills to FSA
7pm Refuge Recovery 

Next weekend
Hair cut
Refill hummingbird feeder
Pack for Portland trip

After I come home from Portland
Paint outdoor metal
Request medical reports from UCSF and for 2nd stay at Good Samaritan

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