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8 am Car service
Buy plants and other stuff for the garden

Buy Dreamwidth account
Import [livejournal.com profile] mjausson to Dreamwidth
Weekly prayer
7.15 pm CoDA meeting

Fill medication organizers
Organize downstairs file cabinet and box

Post vacation photos
Incoming snail mail
Pick up kitchen and living room
Program new garage door remote (Didn't work. Returning it and getting another)
Clean out car
Submit bills to Cigna
Submit bills to FSA
7pm Refuge Recovery 

Next weekend
Hair cut
Refill hummingbird feeder
Pack for Portland trip

After I come home from Portland
Paint outdoor metal
Request medical reports from UCSF and for 2nd stay at Good Samaritan

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  • Send gas and electricity bills to estate agent

  • Call BT about cancellation

  • Make flat nice before Kieron comes home

  • Call car insurance about address change

  • Get dry cleaning from Waitrose

  • Check other to-do list
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  • Take apart living room cabinet

  • Drive charity bags to Oxfam

  • Top up tyres

Load up car
  • living room cabinet

  • black filing cabinet

  • small shelf

  • green suitcase

  • camera bag

  • etc
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  • Collect things (blanket, tea, hand lotion, ipod wire?)

  • Timesheet for last week (4 days)

  • Timesheet for this week (2 days)

  • Request money for BT bill (~£108)

National Gallery
Say goodbye to Turner and Constable

Buy Pouches
  • Druid Animals

  • Daughters of the Moon

Buy Mysteries
Carola Dunn's Daisy Dalrymple mysteries
  • Death At Wentwater Court, 1

  • Requiem For A Mezzo, 3

  • Murder On The Flying Scotsman, 4

  • Damsel In Distress, 5

  • Dead In The Water, 6

  • Styx And Stones, 7

  • Rattle His Bones, 8

  • To Davy Jones Below, 9

  • The Case Of The Murdered Muckraker, 10

  • Mistletoe And Murder, 11

  • Die Laughing, 12

  • A Mourning Wedding, 13

  • Fall Of A Philanderer , 14

Miss Murphy?
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I've just got off the phone with the letting agents for my flat. They say that the notice period is a month from the rent day as stated in the contract. The rent day is 24. So I have a choice between giving notice for 24 August or 24 September.

That's a bit of a bummer because I'd prefer 24 August but I've just extended my contract till the end of August. So in that case, either GT let me go a week early or they let me work from home, i.e. Cheltenham for the last week. It would also mean I'd have to clean out the flat in the 5 weekends between getting back from my holiday and 24 August. With Kieron's help that's not impossible.

On the other hand if I go for 24 September, I'd have a lot more time. I'll have to talk to Kieron and see what he says before I make up my mind. There's a possibility that I could negotiate with the landlord too. He's fairly easy-going.

The letting agent also said that when I send them the notice, they'll respond with a letter that tells me all about what's required of me wrt cleaning the flat, handing over keys etc.

To Do
  • Ask cleaning people how long do the carpets need to dry after the shampooing before they can be walked on?
  • With the 24 as the hand-over date, when would they recommend that they come in?
  • Put outstanding tasks from Moleskin and LJ into Life Balance
  • Make print-out of tasks to be done before holiday and put in Moleskine
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  1. Bleach hair

  2. Fix bathroom sink

  3. Pack for Norwich

  4. Order train tickets
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  • 30Jul06 Swyncombe? Ridgeway? Oxon

  • 23Jul06 Notgrove, Gloucestershire

  • 02Jul06 Wroxton, Broughton, Oxon

  • 25Jun06 Do more hares.

No promises.
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With my stress levels as high as they are now, I need to use my precious weekend time to the best of my ability. No long, boring journeys, shopping or other time wasters for me.

On Saturday I have a dentist appointment in the morning. That's definitely not what the doctor ordered, stress upon stress but I need to get my check-up done. After that I may go to my favourite nursery and pick up some primroses. Browsing among pretty, colourful spring bedding should help me perk back up. The weather is going to alternating rain with more rain so I doubt I'll get them in the ground. But even just grouping them on top of the pots would help cheer things up in the garden.

In the evening I'll either watch TV or, if I feel up to the drive, I could go to Amaravati. But only if I bring the CD player so I can sing along to my music. That is a real stress buster.

On Sunday a vigorous workout would be good. That will help me relax and unwind. A nap to catch up on some much-needed sleep would be helpful too. I need to try and do something about my messed-up tummy too. If I can eat only things that are soothing and restful for my tummy, hopefully I won't feel as uncomfortable. Maybe I could watch a DVD too. Although it would be good if I could deal with something from my to-do list too. Striking off things that have been nagging me for a long time always feels good.

OK, now off to bed so I'm not too tired tomorrow.


Jan. 6th, 2006 02:55 pm
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Not sure what to do with my weekend though. I would have liked to finish the garden clean-up but it's going to be miserable weather, cold and wet, so I'll skip that. It will have to be an indoor weekend instead. Although I could do with some new trousers. I could brave the maul. But I can't say that it appeals a whole lot. Maybe a nice Photoshop weekend and I could finish the French holiday pictures. Or at least get within shouting distance of finishing them. That would be good. There are some more papers I need to pull together too. A bit boring but restful. That would do.
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  1. Pay gas bill

  2. Leave early so I can buy a monthly pass on Monday Tuesday morning

  3. Send Ways of Working to Start once at work
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So, I've got ten days to do whatever I please. Two of those days are planned already and so is today. But I wanted to write down some of the things I wanted to do the other days.

Learn to love my wacky Wacom
Finish the French holiday photos and publish them all

Other Indoors Stuff
Vacuum living room
Clean bath tub, including removing all limescale
Photograph all tax papers

Clear and tidy the garden
Go walking at least once
Go on a day trip with [livejournal.com profile] puneets

Looking at the forecast, it's going to be hard to fit all those outdoor days in. Unless it changes, Tuesday is definitely an indoor day. Wednesday may be a good day to go to the Chilterns for some rare snow shots, though.


Sep. 9th, 2005 07:50 am
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Buy toner
Grocery shopping tonight: bananas and meat
Dental hygienist tomorrow. Also put dentist check-up in work calendar.
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So, a three day weekend stretches out ahead of me. How do I best make use of it? There are things I would like to have accomplished at the end of it. I'm thinking that I want one day of indoor activities, one day in the garden and one day in the countryside. Today will perforce have to be the indoor day because my shin splints are acting up. If I take really good care of them (No advice, please.), tomorrow can be my countryside day and I can work in the garden on Monday. That would work with the weather forecast too.

Resume writing exercises
Colour eye lashes
Dental ritual
Fill in tax form
Shoe care
TV in the evening
Vacuum living room
Photoshop France pix

Go somewhere nice in the Chilterns or Cotswolds

Heavy pruning
Tidy in and around garden shed

I may not be able to do all these things. In particular Saturday looks overloaded to me.
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