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The gums around my lower jaw canines have been receding badly for years. On Friday I had surgery for that. The periodontist took a graft from the left side palate and applied it to the lower jaw. The cost after insurance was about $2,200. This surgery was a necessary preparation for getting veneers. At the rate I'm going, I'll have presentable teeth by the time I turn 60. :-/

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Brook by Nether Worton Yesterday I drove to Nether Worton in Oxfordshire, walked to Barford St. Michael and back. The photo was taken near the beginning of the walk. The weather was warm but mostly cloudy.

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Barford St. Michael has been a favourite place of mine ever since I first went there and happened to come on their open gardens day. There are things I'm going to miss about the UK when I leave and walking through this quaint village with flowers and honey-coloured stone all around me is one of them.
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I'm taking the train to spend the weekend with a Certain Someone tonight. You can help me decide what colour nail polish to wear. [Poll #879330]
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Today I've had a birthmark removed. Nowadays you can do that on the NHS. Larger surgeries may even have a GP who does it, so there's no need to go somewhere else. I had my GP do it.

It was all very undramatic and untraumatic. First the GP injected local anaesthetic. She said that it would sting a lot but it was no worse than the local anaesthetic that the dentist uses. Plus my birthmark was at the back of the neck. The skin there is a lot less sensitive than the gums. Then she faffed around behind me for a couple of minutes. A few times I could feel a pin prick. But that was it. Then she put on a self-adhesive, water-proof dressing and I was good to go.

In two week's time I'll have to have the two stitches removed. There will likely be a scar but I'm going to see what I can do with aloe vera gel and lavender oil. At any rate it should be less bothersome than the raised birthmark. It kept catching on laundry labels and bleeding on my tops.

In a couple of months I'll probably have my second most bothersome birthmark removed. It's raised too and sits on the bikini line so I keep slicing into it when I shave.
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This morning I tried on my UK size 10 jeans and they fit. So I wore them today and wasn't uncomfortable at all. I credit the new Waitrose that has opened along my walk to the office in the morning and Pilates.

The reason I was reminded of the smaller jeans was that it was exactly a year ago I bought the size 12 jeans I've been wearing on Fridays up until today.
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I'm back from my break. It was great. The weather was variable but mostly cooperative. I was going to write LJ entries along the way but after two entries my PDA gave up on me so I lost those and didn't write anymore after that. But I did lots of stuff, went on a steam train, went seal watching in a boat, looked at stately old piles and their immaculate gardens, and of course walked along the beach. Did I say that it was great?

I've sorted the photos and labelled them so that I can easily process them but for now I'll just leave you with one photo. I took this today around 11. I was going to Blickling Hall and took a wrong turn. This is what I found.

Erpingham church, Norfolk
Wallpaper, feel free to use
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In his blog, dilbert.blog (syndicated as [livejournal.com profile] dilbert_blog), Scott Adams theorises about what causes some people to be successful at losing weight and staying thin while others fail. His theory is that: "People organize their lives to get their minimum required units of pleasure. While individuals vary in terms of how many units of pleasure they need, everyone is striving to reach their personal minimum."

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I'm about to climb into a bathtub full of hot water scented with Florame Extremely Relaxing Bath Oil. Thought you all wanted to know this.

Le Weekend

Dec. 10th, 2005 02:08 pm
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I'm feeling kind of brain-dead but at least my neighbour has stopped playing music for me.

This morning I got a haircut from my usual hair dresser. She's still great. Then I went across the street and had a neck-and-shoulder massage. I'm probably going to be sore from that tomorrow. The massage was pretty good so I made another appointment for next Saturday after the dental hygienist. Having a couple of massages oh damn, now the neighbour realised that the music had stopped on a weekly basis helps much more than just one deep massage, in my experience.

After the massage I picked up a calendar for 2006 and a Photoshop magazine. The calendar has photos from the Chilterns. They're lovely. Hopefully they'll also give me new ideas for places to go that aren't too far from home.

I wish I didn't need to focus this weekend but I need to deal with the tax stuff. That's really the most important thing. If I find that I cannot deal with it on my own, the next step is to contact the accountant my manager recommended. He will still need access to all the facts, so there's no getting out of finding those. The question mark there are of course the Organic shares. The loss from them may very well be the only deductions I've got so they're important.

Besides the tax stuff I need to do the regular weekend stuff:
preparing for the working week
cleaning house
dental ritual

But first I think a nap is in order.
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The good news is that my hair is no longer pink. The bad news is that my roots are more strawberry blond than platinum blond. Probably nobody but the hair dresser will notice.

But that means that Clairol's "no prelightener needed" blonding is off the list of approved bleaching products for me. It's got to have three ingredients for it to work properly.
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And I'm worried. I've got another 20 minutes to go before I rinse out the bleach. Hopefully the result won't be pink. I'm using a brand I haven't used before. Or at least not for as long as I can remember. That could be because it's an unusual brand or because I decided it was no good. Hm.

I left the office at six tonight and headed to a health food shop near Great Portland Street. There I picked up some things recommended to me by my nutritionist. After a long train journey accompanied by Holy Cow! I drove to M&S and bought a big, whopping poinsettia. Hopefully it holds on to its leaves. The one at work has almost only red leaves left.

Not sure what to do with the plants I've already got. The cyclamen is definitely going. But the pelargonium and the Yule cactus are harder to toss. The pelargonium has gorgeous blood red flowers. If I keep it around, it will flower again next year. Same for the schlumbergia. I wonder if Louise has room for them on her landing.

At home I've watched Taggart. It wasn't such a great episode, I thought. Probably because Blythe Duff didn't feature as much as I like. Instead the focus was on the Robbie character and his poor judgement. The ending was kind of neat.
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