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Today I went to Almaden Valley Nursery in south San Jose. It was a very productive shopping trip. Particularly as my car was getting serviced while I was enjoying the nursery.

I got there a bit early. This is what I saw as I looked through the window. There were at least two nursery cats, I discovered later. They were chatty and friendly. It was pretty cold and drizzled on and off but petting the cats helped my mood.
Gift shop cat. 🐈

I took this picture for a friend who loves true blue flowers. They're Corydalis curviflora Blue Heron. Sadly my friend can't grow these. Nor can she grow Meconopsis, another true blue flower.
Wow, these Corydalis curviflora Blue Heron are very blue.

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Now this is what LJ was made for: Toilet humour

Rabbits are very hard to please

Two Kinds of Judgment is useful reading for job seekers even if it's meant for people applying for American colleges

[livejournal.com profile] cmpriest went to an Oakland cemetery and took pictures

An affectionate note to a cat and the cat's answer
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Well, drugs at least. I scored some more antibiotics. It would have been an even better day if I hadn't needed them.

I've at least been able to work today. Unfortunately some of the conversations I had reminded me of just why I got that urinary tract infection in the first place. Pressure? What pressure?

Anki pointed me to this blood-pressure-reducing video of a ginger-and-white kitten. Turn the sound on and listen for the squeak.
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I've been to Turkdean today for a nice, long walk. It was raining and I got stuck in traffic outside Oxford but when I got there it was well worth the wait. It was beautiful but not in a way that lends itself to photography so I didn't take that many photos.

Also talked to a nice guy who worked on a farm in Notgrove. Or if he owned it, I never quite got that straight.

Met some cats too. One bit me when I stopped petting it. That's unusual. A good thing I was wearing thick cotton trousers.

I got stuck in traffic going home too. But now I'm here and it's well past my bedtime.
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Meowing tiger cubs, 2.50 minutes of video cuteness.

On a smaller scale, Pixel, the ginger tabby, is no slouch in the cute department either

Swan with cygnets on the nest
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I took this photo of the garden from my bedroom window last week. The white stuff by the bench is snow. It's pitiful by Swedish standards but by London standards it's "OMG! SNOW!!!!!11eleventy!!!".

The garden last week, with some snow
Wallpaper, feel free to use

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I recently discovered a wonderful site about cats, the Jordan Cats. There are nine of them and they are watched by web cams, there are lots of photos of them and a blog. Happy cat adoration!
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