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Portloe turned out to be a very cute and unspoilt little fishing village. Not a gift shop in sight. Here is the harbour with a boat waiting to be winched down to the water.
Portloe harbour
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It was getting late.
Looking out from Portloe harbour
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Portscatho is a cute little fishing village not far from St. Mawes and St. Anthony.

Here is the harbour. The tide was out so quite a lot of seaweed was visible on the exposed sand.
Portscatho harbour
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This sleepy gull was sitting on the harbour wall in St. Mawes in the morning when we went to get Cornish saffron buns at the bakery.

Sleepy gull
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The process of discovering and reconstructing the Lost Gardens of Heligan were made into a TV series. It was the most successful gardening series ever. Having watched the DVD, I can say that the sense of discovery and suspense was in a class of its own for a show about gardening. Even Kieron was fascinated and he's not really into gardening.

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Some parts of the garden were there just to be enjoyed by the family that owned Heligan. This Italian garden is an example. It includes a little house, where we sheltered from the rain.
Italian garden in the rain
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On the second day of our Cornwall holiday, we went to St. Anthony, the headland south-east of St. Mawes. We wanted to follow a walk in our AA book of Cornwall walks. To that end we parked on the National Trust car park at the end of the road and started on the coastal path. But after just a few metres, it became clear that it was just too windy. The wind would grab hold of me and try to get me off my feet. So we chose to just do the last part of the walk, from the lighthouse to the church at Place House and back.

Here is the lighthouse. It is meant to help sailors avoid the treacherous Manacles rocks as they are heading to Falmouth harbour. At the Victory Inn they had a book about diving off the Cornwall coast. The list of wrecks that have foundered looking for Falmouth harbour is impressive and frightening. St. Anthony's has been automated since the late eighties. It's owned by Trinity House, like all operational lighthouses in England.
St. Anthony lighthouse

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In St. Just three roads meet, one goes to the ferry across the river Fal and onwards to Truro and Falmouth, one goes to St. Mawes and one heads north-east toward St. Austell. The ferry at King Harry Ferry uses chains, so their slogan is "Let the chains take the strain". If you look at the map, you'll see how much further it is from St. Mawes to Truro if you don't take the ferry. The first bridge across the river Fal is part of the A390.

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St. Mawes is at the tip of the Roseland Peninsula, part of the River Fal estuary. Further out is the headland of St. Anthony. This is the lighthouse on the headland taken from St. Mawes castle. As you can see, even though it was about noon, the light levels were very low. This was going to be a problem during the whole trip. A lot of the time the cloud cover was just too dense to get good photos.
Lighthouse of St. Anthony
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St Anthony lighthouse with St. Mawes castle in the foreground in [livejournal.com profile] landscape

Along the waterfront, I found this Georgian wallbox. The bright red was a sorely needed counterpoint to the leaden skies.
Georgian postbox
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Exploring the steep, alley-like streets of central St. Mawes, we came across this holy well. The plaque on the left says "St. Mawes holy well, dating from 6th Century, the Arch 15th Century." St. Mawes is one of the Christian Irish saints that came to Cornwall in the sixth century.
St. Mawes holy well
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Door to the Holy Well in [livejournal.com profile] waterflow

When we got home from our trip to St. Just, I took a few shots of the water front at dusk.
St. Mawes by night in [livejournal.com profile] ruralphotos

Here I've zoomed in and am showing just the harbour. The restaurant on the right is open but we never tried it. The menu looked a lot posher than the Victory Inn's and the chances of it being even friendlier were pretty much nil.
St. Mawes harbour by night
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I took this photo first thing the morning after we arrived. It's through the window of the self-catering apartment we were renting in St. Mawes. It's right opposite the pub, the Rising Sun. We had dinner there the first night. After that we ate at the Victory Inn, because the food there was much, much better, and so was the ambience and service.
From the window of our flat
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This ginger cat liked to hang around outside our flat and complain about the weather. He was right but we still didn't take him in. He had two collars, so we figured he didn't need another home.
Complaining ginger cat
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St. Mawes has a castle but it was closed when we went to see it. This is a view back toward the village from near the castle. Apart from the central village much of it consists of large, twentieth century summer houses.
St. Mawes, near the castle
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On the other side of the river Fal, Pendennis guards the estuary. This is what it looks like from above St. Mawes castle.

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We're Back

Jan. 7th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Sunset at Tintagel
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