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Photo of Neil Gaiman cuddling a panda.

And more.

Excuse me while I go splody from cute.


Jul. 19th, 2007 01:09 pm
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Little, stripey tails: The cuteness, it burns

"Need to go to France? No, Switzerland? No France? No, Germany. No, I can't make up my mind." Basel Airport to the rescue.

Viking treasure discovered in North Yorkshire: Contains coins from Afghanistan, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia (duh!) and continental Europe.

"In the future, we could all be backseat drivers": Presenting driver-less vehicles from UC Berkeley and Stanford. (Ignore the problematic Bay Area geographic references.)

The Potterdämmerung is nigh, have you made plans?

A Dirty Job but somebody's gotta do it: The blog of a holiday park in Hastings

Do you really need another reason for buckling up? Snopes gives the thumbs-up to a video of a driver being thrown out of his SUV and run over by oncoming traffic
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As expected Metaquotes had a ball with the passing of Jerry Falwell. One nugget was this, presumably fictional, IM conversation.

A coworker drew my attention to Salon's interview with Tinky-Winky sparked by the same occasion.

People think loftier thoughts in rooms with high ceilings according to a University of Minnesota study.

Photo of a red squirrel with snowflakes on the adorable little head.

A Flash banner for HP lets you arrange flowers in a vase.

California Bunny photo. Daily Animals is highly recommended if you like photos of California wildlife. This one was taken near Fremont.
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[livejournal.com profile] baaaaabyanimals celebrates Mother's Day in the US and some other countries with photos of mothers and their babies, e.g. a cat with her somewhat irregular brood or this cheetah.

I've moved my Firefox bookmarks to the social bookmarking site, del.icio.us, and added a link to the S2 link list in my LJ.

[livejournal.com profile] sunfell expounds on a backhanded marriage law that has been proposed in the US state of Washington. It's premise is that if the purpose of marriage is to provide a nurturing environment for the children born within the marriage, then couples who do not wish or cannot have children should not be married.
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Great article on recovery by Caille Millner, using Gavin Newsom's recent foray into "rehab" as a starting point.

Suzette Haden-Elgin shares her method for writing both fiction and non-fiction in fifteen-minute snippets

The City of San Francisco and the Northeast San Francisco Conservancy are proposing to protect trees vital for the survival of the wild parrots on Telegraph Hill.

The famousest ferret in all the land now has his own set on Flickr. His ferret friend, Kilo, who is less famous but almost as cute, also has one.

The landlord in UK's best known medical district, Harley Street in London, is banning abortion clinics and plastic surgery.

On a lighter note, a Japanese snowplow robot is yellow and looks suspiciously like an anime character.
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It's official: moose babies are adorable.

A castle with bats as a birthday cake? But of course. And much more. I particularly like the chocolate and marshmallow mushrooms on one of Mary and Casey's wedding cakes.

Black kitten. Because you can never have enough black kitten photos.

If this lap dog grows any more, she'll have to upgrade to a bigger husband.
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Meowing tiger cubs, 2.50 minutes of video cuteness.

On a smaller scale, Pixel, the ginger tabby, is no slouch in the cute department either

Swan with cygnets on the nest


Apr. 1st, 2006 09:15 pm
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NCIS! Mark Harmon! Fan girl squee!!!
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For those two people on my friends list who still haven't discovered [livejournal.com profile] baaaaabyanimals:

Henry the College Raccoon (gallery of 11 photos)

Yawning Arctic fox cub

Snuggling tabbies (2 photos)

Danish lambs (5 photos, last one is best)
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