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Fluffy in my kitchen, enjoying some tuna
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I was working from home one day this week. As is her wont, Fluffy came to visit me. She seemed hungry so I fed her some tuna. It was much appreciated.
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I haven't been out walking in the countryside since I went to the Lake District so it's about time. Farnborough in Berkshire is the destination for today. Maybe I'll repeat the walk I did in September 2001, but there are other options too in the area.

The camera is packed. All that remains is to oust the neighbour's cat and get going.
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My inbox is empty. I just have to gloat a little about that. :-) I followed the advice in the 43 Folders series Inbox Zero. Particularly the Articles of Faith entry was good. So now my inbox has been at zero since yesterday evening. It's amazing. Almost a little scary, in a good way.

I've also put up some photos on Flickr. They're from my walk near Chenies on 28 January.

Fluffy has spent the afternoon here with me. It's really hard to tell if she wants a cuddle or if she's begging for food. I gave her some tuna but she wasn't all that hungry and only ate half.

Anyway, it's bedtime for me. Work tomorrow, including a chat with my manager about goals for next year. I've got a contractor to supervise too.
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I just saved the last thumbnail of the last photo from my last day in France. Phew! I'm transferring them to the server now. No panoramas, though. I just didn't have time. Below is the very last photo. It shows Pont Julien, a Roman bridge. Contrary to what the web page says, it is only used as a pedestrian bridge these days. The brand spanking new car bridge is visible in the background.

Pont Julien, France
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Except for the push to finally finish the photos, I've done lots of domestic stuff today. The weather has been wet and windy, so it was perfect for it. My bedroom is now sparkling. Well, except for the muddy paw prints Fluffy has already planted on the window sill, of course.

The things I'm going to need for next week are all done. By my backpack in the hallway the freshly laundered blanket and a new book (Cordelia's Honor) lie waiting for tomorrow morning. There's food in the fridge waiting for me to take into work too.

I just put Fluffy outside so I dont' have to worry about forgetting that before I go to bed. She was not pleased. As the sucker I am, I feel terribly guilty. Hopefully she'll have forgiven me by tomorrow. After all she got tuna.
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  • I'm taking a backup of all the data on my PC. It's taking time but it's going to give me more peace of mind if I know that it's all tucked away safely on CDs.

  • The washing machine is on the second load of laundry for today.

  • I look fearful with the Dead Sea Spa Magik mud mask on my face.

  • In between the other stuff, I'm reading GTD blogs.

  • My couch is cuter than your couch*  )
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We're having lunch. When I put down the water bowl, she sniffed very suspiciously at it from a safe distance. Not so with the tuna. That was gobbled up with gusto and no hesitation whatsoever. Hopefully this means I wont get any competition for my tuna sandwich.
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In a few minutes I'm going for my massage. Fluffy is in the bedroom, hiding under the bed and refusing to come out. I guess she'll have to stay. I'm a bit worried that her human may be going away for the holidays and is frantically looking for her.

There were some things I wanted to do after the massage but I'll have to come home and see if I can retrieve the cat first. Tire pressure and petrol are at the top of my list. I also need some mouth wash and some other random stuff. Sainsburys are open till 18, so that shouldn't be a problem. I wonder if it will be a total zoo there.

When I looked out, I saw that Thompson & Morgan have sent me a video. Not sure if I'll find the time to watch it. Anybody know what their videos are usually like? Watchable?

Yesterday at HMV I got The Cat Returns. It's the first anime I own. I was going to watch that one tonight, instead of watching Kalle Anka and Carl Bertil Johnsons Julafton. I wonder if CBJJ is out on DVD. It would definitely be worth owning. Tage Danielson rules ruled.

Oh, and on [livejournal.com profile] puneets' suggestion, I switched to Thunderbird. I've got some problems with it related to how it imported my emails but I think they're solvable. It's all good.

Better be going now.
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Fluffy on the couch
Wallpaper, feel free to use

I don't think anybody is surprised by my choice of motif for the first photo from my new camera.
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It's very windy and earlier the rain was lashing down. 25mph the forecast says for today, so I guess it's not so surprising that the trees outside my livingroom window are doing the macarena. Predictably the tube problem indicator is lit up like a tree in late December.

Fluffy was here earlier, sopping wet. Poor kitty. Normally I put her outside before I have my shower but I felt sorry for her, so I let her stay till afterwards. Of course this means either risking getting my clothing dirty or having her excess fur stick to my body lotion. It's the paws that are dirty and I've already ruined one sweater that way. I try to hold on to her paws but when she starts squirming, that's not so easy. Anyway, she's outside now and undoubtedly not happy about it.

I should get a move on and go to work. Yesterday Puneet and I went to a Hare Krishna temple for their evening prayer. Interesting and very, very different from Amaravati.
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Fluffy is sitting in my window, looking out and purring.
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It is hard to concentrate on yoga when a cat wants to gnaw on your hand.
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My throat is feeling increasingly sore. So far every time I've had a sore throat over the last few months I've managed to fend it off. Let's hope that I'm successful this time too.

But this has been a decidedly low-energy day so far and that's not about to change. Although I would like to have a small equinox celebration tonight before Gardeners World. It would be nice to be clean and have picked up the living room before then. We'll see. There's a day tomorrow too.

Outlook has been acting up for a while now and I've spent some time trying to fix it but so far it's futile. I've done all the things that seem reasonable: archiving old emails, checking the pst files, running detect & repair, updating from the Microsoft site etc. Now I'm out of ideas. When I ran one of the updates, one patch didn't load. I have a feeling that's the key to the issue but I didn't write down the patch number and I'm clueless how to find out what it was. It's bothering me when Outlook keeps crashing. I like getting emails. *pout*

I've been photoshopping pictures from yesterday's visit to Cliveden. While doing that, I was looking for pictures from last time I went there but I only found one, taken on 18 September 2003. It seems that it wasn't an ideal day for photography and I got rather busy with my studies soon after.

Earlier today I talked a bit with [livejournal.com profile] puneets. It was his last day at Sapient today. Lots of people wished him well. Now he has some holiday and on 14 October he's due to arrive on this soggy island.

It's been raining today so Fluffy has been here to visit me twice already. For a long while she slept on the living room carpet. Such a lovely cat. She purrs up a storm whenever I pet her.
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