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I just got an email telling me that my application will be processed. Unless there is something wrong with the application, I should be home in October. Words fail me.
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This morning I tried on my UK size 10 jeans and they fit. So I wore them today and wasn't uncomfortable at all. I credit the new Waitrose that has opened along my walk to the office in the morning and Pilates.

The reason I was reminded of the smaller jeans was that it was exactly a year ago I bought the size 12 jeans I've been wearing on Fridays up until today.
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In my mail box today was a letter from the Swedish tax authorities, letting me know that they owe me a bit over SEK 2'800. How nice of them! What precipitated this disclosure, I don't know but it's a welcome one.

Apparently I have to write to them if I want them to send me the money. Gladly!, I say. The amount covers about half of my car rental in Sweden in August.
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  • It's been a lot warmer today than for quite some time. I didn't even have to scrape the car windows this morning.

  • I got the Firefly DVDs today

  • Walking through Bunhill Fields, and seeing a young woman pay her respects at Blake's stone

  • The lovely, red poinsettia on my desk

  • Being able to solve most problems that came up today

  • Pret-a-Manger's shrimp-and-salmon salad

  • Tea to keep me warm

  • Wearing my pretty, blue cashmere sweater

  • Being able to moan in my LJ

  • Big trees
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  • two beautiful autumn days

  • having the money to buy nice clothes, software, books etc

  • short, blond hair

  • Serenity, the movie

  • [livejournal.com profile] puneets' return to London

  • plenty of food in my refrigerator

  • a neat and tidy flat at the beginning of the work week

  • fixing F-secure's firewall

  • Outlook starting to work properly again too

  • Fluffy's visits
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  • my new CDs

  • a quiet day at work

  • my new 1Gb USB pen drive

  • chatting with [livejournal.com profile] puneets

  • hares

  • my car

  • Ozzie and Fluffy

  • getting home in time to watch a West Wing episode
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  • Fluffy

  • my pretty garden

  • the West Wing

  • Rob Brezny

  • starting my work week with a neat flat, clean laundry in the wardrobe, clean dishes in the kitchen and a pretty, well watered and tended garden

  • my working holiday

  • the time and inclination to work on my holiday photos
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  • a warm and sunny day

  • time to spend it out of doors in beautiful surroundings

  • a little peace and quiet

  • Cliveden gardens

  • all the beautiful pictures I've got out of my camera so far

  • sunsets

  • £30 on my Nectar card

  • cheaper petrol at Sainsbury's
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  • getting the headlights fixed

  • sending off the degree application and other things that have been weighing on my mind

  • giving books to Oxfam to free up shelf space

  • bananas

  • finding pretty plants at the nursery

  • kitten piles

  • tonight's meeting

  • hugs
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  • getting a text from [livejournal.com profile] puneets saying he was OK

  • a £200 check in the mail

  • getting my birth certificate

  • a casual stroll in the garden with Fluffy

  • Fluffy coming inside to visit me

  • the "princess" at the health food store

  • the beautiful, clear and warm, late summer/early autumn day

  • my car

  • bad puns

  • losing the letter B and finding it again
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  • having no cavities

  • a painless dentist visit

  • another hot, sunny day

  • being able to wear a tank top

  • spending most of the day out of doors

  • Day of the Dead

  • artichoke hearts

  • clean clothes

  • cyclamen

  • Fluffy
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  • a sunny three-day weekend

  • my saw

  • creating light and air in the garden

  • the ornamental tobacco

  • [livejournal.com profile] duarvaddulaser

  • yesterday's visit to Sulgrave

  • a clean living room

  • writing some on my resume

  • Fluffy and Ozzie

  • my car
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  • really blond hair

  • artichoke hearts in olive oil

  • my pretty garden

  • my neighbour's admiring it

  • kitty kisses from Fluffy

  • head butting Ozzie

  • Babylon 5

  • How Not to Make Me Ex-Gay
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  • Barbara Currie's 7 Secrets of Yoga

  • being able to work when most of my coworkers couldn't

  • another day successfully avoiding most allergens

  • a clear nose

  • getting home early so I could water the garden

  • almost all plants perking up visible when they got water

  • Fluffy greeting me affectionately

  • getting to bed earlier than usual
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  • finding good food for me at Fresh & Wild

  • roasted pumpkin seeds

  • solving all today's issues at work easily

  • LJ deciding to give us more user icons

  • Tidds, the cow kitty

  • Fluffy

  • Babylon 5 Epiphanies

  • my plunger
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  • starting my day with Rodney Yee in Hawaii

  • getting chamomile tea for free at Pret

  • finding an Amazon package with Buddhist and Yoga goodies on my desk

  • [livejournal.com profile] swedish_feed

  • the snow globe moment in Babylon 5

  • booking a holiday in Wales

  • a clean yoga mat
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  • the black cabbie who took me to the appointment

  • my nutritionist

  • the food allergy results
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