Aug. 6th, 2007 02:47 pm
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I was supposed to do a bit of research but got stuck in Twitter. It's rather restrictive, as it only gives you  140 characters. Still, could be fun, particularly when you use locations.

If I keep doing it, I'll add a link to my LJ sidebar. I could see it working for keeping up with Kieron when we're in different time zones.

Update: Must remember not to type code into default window on Deepest Sender.
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I'm sitting on Kieron's couch, LJ:ing on his PC. My laptop decided to sulk on Friday. Unfortunately that meant I couldn't work, so I'll have to leave at 2 to go home and put in the 3 hours I was supposed to do on Friday. I felt rather guilty about that, not the least because my PM called me on Friday and said that the client had been frantically trying to get in touch with me to arrange a meeting next week. But today when I was finally able to access my work email, there was no email from them there. Besides, I called the client right after getting off the phone with the PM and left a voicemail. The client didn't call back so maybe the house wasn't on fire after all.

In the afternoon I got glasses. Two pairs, one of which has Armani frames, for less than £250. The other pair are shades. I'm very happy with both. Kieron likes them too.

Yesterday morning I got the embarassing rattle from exhaust fixed at a garage here in Cheltenham. They didn't even charge me. A good start to the day.

Then Kieron and I had a picnic at a lookout point near Stroud to test my new glasses. Unfortunately the Met Office was right about the heavy rain, so we went for a drive in the countryside afterwards. Miserden was particularly cute. Nearby Sudgrove looked to have some very nice walks, and easy parking.

Today we've been domestic. I've used my steam cleaner to clean the windows. They were filthy. Now it looks as if somebody dialled up the wattage on the scarlet pelargonium on the balcony. Cleaning the windows is the "low-hanging fruit" of household chores. Kieron has been washing and dusting and stuff. He took some of the things I brought. He particularly liked the candle holders. Being a typical Pagan, I had rather a lot of those. Next week I'm bringing the candles.
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I've just got off the phone with the letting agents for my flat. They say that the notice period is a month from the rent day as stated in the contract. The rent day is 24. So I have a choice between giving notice for 24 August or 24 September.

That's a bit of a bummer because I'd prefer 24 August but I've just extended my contract till the end of August. So in that case, either GT let me go a week early or they let me work from home, i.e. Cheltenham for the last week. It would also mean I'd have to clean out the flat in the 5 weekends between getting back from my holiday and 24 August. With Kieron's help that's not impossible.

On the other hand if I go for 24 September, I'd have a lot more time. I'll have to talk to Kieron and see what he says before I make up my mind. There's a possibility that I could negotiate with the landlord too. He's fairly easy-going.

The letting agent also said that when I send them the notice, they'll respond with a letter that tells me all about what's required of me wrt cleaning the flat, handing over keys etc.

To Do
  • Ask cleaning people how long do the carpets need to dry after the shampooing before they can be walked on?
  • With the 24 as the hand-over date, when would they recommend that they come in?
  • Put outstanding tasks from Moleskin and LJ into Life Balance
  • Make print-out of tasks to be done before holiday and put in Moleskine
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I just discovered that I'm booked into a meeting in Norwich on Thursday at 9 in the morning. That would mean taking the 6.25 train from Liverpool Street. That's quite early.

A little research reveals that there isn't actually a tube that arrives early enough at Liverpool Street from my station. I'll probably have to drive to Shenfield and take the train from there. The train from there leaves at 6.37. With time for mishaps, parking and me being rather slow at that time of "day", I'll have to figure 2 hours for the drive. That means leaving home at 4.40. I'd have to change trains in Chelmsford for the Norwich train.

Alternatively I could drive to a the centre of my suburb and get the very first tube train. If the train is cancelled or delayed, I'll miss my connection at Liverpool Street. Delays and cancellations are unfortunately not unusual at all. In fact my tube this morning was canceled. But I wouldn't have to leave home until 5. Although I'm not sure the parking garage is open that early. I'd have to find that out.

Another alternative would be to take a mainline train to Euston. There are a few mainline stations within easy driving distance. I'd still have to find a tube from the mainline station to Liverpool Street but lets check if what used to be called British Rail can get into town at this unreasonable hour. Yes, that's possible. I'd have to drive to a rather scruffy station but it's not more than a mile or two and there shouldn't be much traffic at that time. There will be plenty of parking.

Only worrying thing is that the tube journey from Euston to Liverpool Street is reported as taking 43 minutes. There's no way of finding out what the National Rail Enquiries journey planner thinks should happen during those 43 minutes. Even the bus doesn't take more than half an hour. Walking to Euston Square and taking the Circle or Hammersmith & City lines takes 20 minutes, according to the London Transport journey planner. That sounds more reasonable.

The advantage of taking the train is of course that I can concentrate on eating or getting some shut-eye while being taken where I need to go. That's important in the morning. The disadvantage is that in the afternoon it's going to be crowded. Still, I think safety takes precedence. Driving when tired is almost as bad as driving when drunk. I'll just confirm the time before I go ahead and book.
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Window cleaners on Gothic building in London, EC1
Window Cleaners
Originally uploaded by Mjausson.
Yesterday I brought the camera in to work. I took photos both on the commute in and on the way from Farringdon to Holborn in the afternoon. This was the first photo I took. It's from the corner of Greville Street and Farringdon Road. Unusually for me both this and many other photos contain people.
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