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On Tuesday morning I did yoga. It felt great but during the day, the obliques on the left side started hurting. It got worse and by Thursday morning they were screaming. I still made it in to work on Thursday, but went home before lunch and continued to work from home. I'm working on accepting that I won't get as much done this weekend as I usually do. Gotta take it easy. The obliques are core muscles. They're involved in lots of movements, including walking. Sitting still is my best bet for getting better.

7.15 CoDA meeting

Paint stuff


Weekly prayer
Incoming snail mail
Fill medication organizers

Fill protein containers
Get gas
Pick up kitchen and living room
Paint more stuff

Grocery shopping
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The gums around my lower jaw canines have been receding badly for years. On Friday I had surgery for that. The periodontist took a graft from the left side palate and applied it to the lower jaw. The cost after insurance was about $2,200. This surgery was a necessary preparation for getting veneers. At the rate I'm going, I'll have presentable teeth by the time I turn 60. :-/

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I need to bake something yummy and low-FODMAP for tomorrow.

Judging from previous experiments, these are roughly the right proportions for muffins:

Dry Ingredients
1.5 cups Flour
6 packets Sweet'nlow
0.25 cups Brown sugar
1.5 teaspoons Baking powder
0.5 teaspoons Salt
0.5 teaspoons Cinnamon (optional)

Liquid ingredients
1 cup Water
2 eggs, beaten
0.5 teaspoons Vanilla

Makes 20 mini muffins at 400F for 15 minutes.
Makes 15 normal-sized muffins at 400F for 18 minutes.
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I'm making a FODMAP-friendly meatloaf in the slow cooker. It's extremely loosely based on a recipe from AllRecipes.com.

2 lbs lean beef
~1 cup crumbs of sunflower bread rehydrated in lactose free milk
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons dried basil
1 lbs baby carrotts
peanut butter for glazing

Probe 170F
Low heat for ETA 6-8 hours.

Rehydrate breadcrumbs in milk for 10 minutes or longer. Add basil and salt.
Spread baby carrots across the bottom of the slow cooker.
Beat the egg. Add the breadcrumbs to the egg and mix.
Add the meat and mix everything.
Place the well-mixed meat on top of the carrots in the slow cooker.
Spread peanut butter on top.
Insert probe and program slow cooker.

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This was originally a response to an LJ entry by a friend. It got way too long and too important to be buried in a comment to a f'locked entry. The original entry contrasted how the poster and her brother were treated by their mother when ill.

What I'm hearing here is that you and your brother were treated very differently by the female authority figure in your home when ill. Your brother got a lot of positive attention, emotional support and help. You got a lot of negative attention, emotional abuse and no help.

I can see three possible reasons for that: gender, illness type and parental dysfunction. None of these are valid.

Treating a sick son differently than a sick daughter because of gender is sexist.

Heaping emotional abuse on a child with emotional symptoms is counter-productive in itself. Treating another child in the family with physical symptoms with kindness and consideration may also cause the first child to develop somatisation of stress symptoms.

Parental dysfunction isn't valid by definition. Being a parent means having a moral and legal obligation to take care of all one's children, regardless of health status. If a parent can't cope, they are in a position to seek help outside the family. Children aren't.

I'm coming to the conclusion that if I often feel guilty after interacting with a specific person, it's usually because they manipulate me. There is genuine, healthy guilt, eg if you've terrorized a family pet. But when a person feels guilty for having normal needs such as needs for medical attention, there's manipulation and probably emotional abuse involved.
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I had a conversation about the dangers of trancework to those who have unresolved trauma with [livejournal.com profile] dpaxson and [livejournal.com profile] lwood a few weeks ago. The context was a book about trancework. Having done trancework while dealing with unresolved trauma, my point of view was different from theirs. They had, on the other hand, taught trancework to people who had unresolved trauma and witnessed the fall-out. An important point they made, was that witnessing the fall-out can be very distressing to the teacher and other group members.

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The Associated Press' science writer, Malcolm Ritter, wrote about a study published in Wednesday's issue of Neurology. At SFgate.com the article had the heading Big Belly Boosts Risk of Later Dementia.

This is exactly the kind of headline that makes Sandy Szwarc, the Junkfood Science blogger, see red. In an article with the headline Computer Gaming: Your waist doesn’t really go to your head, she picks apart the study and the media coverage of it.

Szwarc starts out by discussing how to recognise when supposedly scientific findings are used for marketing purposes. Then she goes on to point out the flaws in the study. Some of these are:

Dementia was defined as corresponding to certain billing records in Kaiser Permanente's invoice system. Among the codes included was the one for "memory impairment." Needless to say, not all memory impairment is dementia, not even for the elderly. Even Wikipedia is more stringent when defining dementiaas "the progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain beyond what might be expected from normal aging."

According to the Merck Manual of Geriatrics "Diagnosing dementia is extremely imprecise and requires a very thorough physical evaluation to differentiate it from benign age-related memory loss. It also needs to be differentiated from a lot of treatable conditions that mimic dementia among elderly, such as the effects of illness; prescription medications; hypothyroidism; vitamin B12 deficiency; depression and isolation; and poor oxygenation due to lung, heart or circulation problems."

75% of original cohort was excluded and there is no data on how they differed from those that were included in the study. In addition, although the 2008 study reported this week uses the same data as one from 2005, there are unexplained differences in the results.

Finally, this was a retrospective study, i.e. it looked at records of past events and tried to draw conclusions from these. Retrospective studies are considered the weakest type of observational study and should be used mainly for generating hypothesis.

Read the AP "science" article and Szwarc critique of the study side by side to get the full view. Szwarc also has a number of interesting articles on the so called obesity paradox.
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Today has not been a good day. It took me a while to realise that it was because I had taken one of the new sinus medications. The one with phenylephrine and an anti-histamine. No wonder I was feeling very drowsy. I even took a nap. Then I woke up with a nightmare. So much for phenylephrine not causing nightmares.

I have a thick lump of mucous in my sinuses. Every now and then it drips down my throat. Yuck. This was not the way I felt when I took Contac.

There's a chance that the problem is caused by dust, so I'm going to do something about that. Dust is much more of a problem here than in the UK. There rain washes the dust out of the air. Here I'll probably need to get a Roomba and an air purifier. Expensive.

But first I'm going to see if I can get some pseudoephedrine. Contac, the 12-hour time-release version by SmithKline Beecham, is not sold in the US anymore. There is however a brand-name Sudafed that is also supposed to release the active ingredient over 12 hour. I think that it's thanks to the continuous release action that I didn't get nightmares from Contac.
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Part of why today was so hard is that my groin strain is really acting up. This is an injury I got maybe 6 months ago. It's been coming and going but right now it's at its worst. It hurts to walk and driving is hard too. It's one of the muscles on the front and inside of the thigh that's inflamed.

The consensus regarding treatment seems to be to use heat on it and not do stuff that hurts. So that's what I'm trying to do. It's just very hard. Strangely enough hiking doesn't hurt it but walking on hard surfaces, including hotel room carpet, does. Concrete is worst, though.

Walking slowly and taking very small steps helps. Anybody who knows me in RL is going to appreciate how hard that is for me. Maybe I need to learn to slow down, to do what my body tells me and not my head. :-/

At least there's nothing I need to do outside tomorrow. I'll try and stay inside most of the day, if I can.
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I went home from work because I feel poorly. I really, really, really hope this isn't a UTI. Cue the drinking of nettle tea and eating cranberry capsules as if it were candy.

Have I said lately that I'm ready to move to a warmer climate?


Sep. 26th, 2007 08:16 pm
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I feel like I've got a cold coming on and my tummy is upset. The new job is pretty intense too. No time for LJ. :-(
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I'm sitting on Kieron's couch, LJ:ing on his PC. My laptop decided to sulk on Friday. Unfortunately that meant I couldn't work, so I'll have to leave at 2 to go home and put in the 3 hours I was supposed to do on Friday. I felt rather guilty about that, not the least because my PM called me on Friday and said that the client had been frantically trying to get in touch with me to arrange a meeting next week. But today when I was finally able to access my work email, there was no email from them there. Besides, I called the client right after getting off the phone with the PM and left a voicemail. The client didn't call back so maybe the house wasn't on fire after all.

In the afternoon I got glasses. Two pairs, one of which has Armani frames, for less than £250. The other pair are shades. I'm very happy with both. Kieron likes them too.

Yesterday morning I got the embarassing rattle from exhaust fixed at a garage here in Cheltenham. They didn't even charge me. A good start to the day.

Then Kieron and I had a picnic at a lookout point near Stroud to test my new glasses. Unfortunately the Met Office was right about the heavy rain, so we went for a drive in the countryside afterwards. Miserden was particularly cute. Nearby Sudgrove looked to have some very nice walks, and easy parking.

Today we've been domestic. I've used my steam cleaner to clean the windows. They were filthy. Now it looks as if somebody dialled up the wattage on the scarlet pelargonium on the balcony. Cleaning the windows is the "low-hanging fruit" of household chores. Kieron has been washing and dusting and stuff. He took some of the things I brought. He particularly liked the candle holders. Being a typical Pagan, I had rather a lot of those. Next week I'm bringing the candles.
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Don't take nose drops before going to bed. You won't be able to sleep, even if you take valerian too.
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I only cleaned up half of the Pink border because I'm not feeling well. It's starting to look as if my sinuses are badly affected by gardening. :-( If, as I'm suspecting, a dust allergy is playing into it, it's not surprising that mucking around in the dirt isn't helpful.

But I cleared up the front half of the border, including ripping out some forget-me-nots. Then I put in the wine pansies. I had thought they were going to replace the daisies but after a little dead heading the daisies looked just fine. Their pale pink looks very good against the dark wine red of the pansies.
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I have a GP appointment at 10. Sinus infection and a "productive cough". I'm so ready for this to be over.
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First I had the sinus infection from hell. Now I'm packing like a mad woman. Tomorrow evening I'm driving to Cheltenham and on Saturday Kieron and I fly to Tenerife for a week in the sun. Really, really looking forward to that. Obviously I'll be taking the camera.

But for now I'm mad busy and still on antibiotics so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me till next Sunday.
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Today I'm finally feeling better. I've even worked from home today. But it's taken its toll and I wasn't nearly as productive as usual. Still, much better than not being able to work so I'm happy. Now I feel a nap coming on.


Feb. 28th, 2007 01:49 pm
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The dentist patched the filling that had broken in two but he said he didn't think it would last. The alternative is a crown but I'm not sure there's a root in there that it can be attached to. I just hope the patch doesn't give up when I'm on holiday.

Afterwards I went to Morrisons and picked up some more squash and other edibles. Now I'm shattered so I'm going back to bed.
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