Aug. 28th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Through the convoluted tubes of the intarweb I discovered [ profile] loltheorists today. My favourite entries so far are the Magritte LOLcat and the double LOLram.

It inspired me to the following slightly awkward attempt:
Abraham Maslow: My hierarchy, let me show you it
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A California student mashed up Wikipedia's records of changes made in its articles with public records of who owns the editor's IP addresses. The results are pretty interesting.

Among the culprits reported by Wired's readers using the new tool are Church of Scientology, the Episcopal Church, Chevron Texas and Al Jazeera. Diebold, Exxon Mobile and Dow naturally feature too.
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Now this is what LJ was made for: Toilet humour

Rabbits are very hard to please

Two Kinds of Judgment is useful reading for job seekers even if it's meant for people applying for American colleges

[ profile] cmpriest went to an Oakland cemetery and took pictures

An affectionate note to a cat and the cat's answer
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As expected Metaquotes had a ball with the passing of Jerry Falwell. One nugget was this, presumably fictional, IM conversation.

A coworker drew my attention to Salon's interview with Tinky-Winky sparked by the same occasion.

People think loftier thoughts in rooms with high ceilings according to a University of Minnesota study.

Photo of a red squirrel with snowflakes on the adorable little head.

A Flash banner for HP lets you arrange flowers in a vase.

California Bunny photo. Daily Animals is highly recommended if you like photos of California wildlife. This one was taken near Fremont.
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A person dressed in a squirrel costume rapping I wandered lonely as a cloud in the Lakes. Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s speculation about how the advertising agency arrived at this result. Some of the comments taking umbrage at the “improvements” are rather funny too.

Google logo looks like an iceberg for Earth Day. Strangely enough this is the logo. A St. George theme would have been more fitting today.

Art made from/with books Books were destroyed in the process. Bibliophiles have been warned.
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I'm pretty sure that "groovy" isn't a valid border-style value.
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Leah Garchik has a column with things people have been overheard saying about relationships in San Francisco. My favourite is "First wifes are difficult." but "This is the perfect wedding ring. It fits just great under my cycling gloves." is a close second.
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