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If you want to tweet a link to your own, original content more than once, you can do it like this:
1. Make it obvious that this is not a new link, e.g. in the evening you want to make sure that the late risers didn't miss your morning blog post so you tweet: "Linking again to this morning's blog post for my fellow insomniacs..."
2. Add something new. This is even better. Still talking about an 8pm repeat tweet of this morning's blog post "My recovery buddy @Mjausson commented with some neat tips on my blog entry about meditation"

The problem with simply automatically tweeting the same thing twice or more is that some people click on most links in their Twitter stream. When they've clicked on your links a couple of times and realized that they can't tell if the link is to something they haven't seen yet, they unfollow.
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Valleywag writes that Martha Stewart is jonesing to buy Etsy but the founders and investors are unlikely to sell so soon after the latest round of founding.
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I'm not getting any email on my Demon account. Gmail should still work, though.

Even Demon's web site is down, so this must be pretty serious for them.

Update: Apparently complaining in public helps. I just got mail again.
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So Microsoft is making an offer to Yahoo that is bordering on the hostile after previous overtures were rejected. Valleywag has all the coverage.

The most interesting article is the live blogging of a conference call with Steve Ballmer and other Microsoft top execs. Valleywags commentary is suitably snarky.

Steve Ballmer's formal offer letter to the Yahoo board is also interesting. Here's a quote:

"Depending on the nature of your response, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!'s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal."

In other words, if you don't accept, your shareholders will crucify you. That message is repeated in a number of ways throughout the letter. Considering that Yahoo shares are at $19, it's probably true too.

Valleywag also have a poll about if Yahoo should take the offer or not.
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A California student mashed up Wikipedia's records of changes made in its articles with public records of who owns the editor's IP addresses. The results are pretty interesting.

Among the culprits reported by Wired's readers using the new tool are Church of Scientology, the Episcopal Church, Chevron Texas and Al Jazeera. Diebold, Exxon Mobile and Dow naturally feature too.


Aug. 6th, 2007 02:47 pm
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I was supposed to do a bit of research but got stuck in Twitter. It's rather restrictive, as it only gives you  140 characters. Still, could be fun, particularly when you use locations.

If I keep doing it, I'll add a link to my LJ sidebar. I could see it working for keeping up with Kieron when we're in different time zones.

Update: Must remember not to type code into default window on Deepest Sender.
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This is written on Kieron's broadband. He's connected wirelessly, while I'm using a USB cable. Hopefully we can set me up wirelessly too. That can wait till tomorrow, though.
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Today has been a very frustrating day. To begin with I was in Cheltenham, even though I needed to be at home. But I hadn't slept the night before so I was way too tired to drive home yesterday evening. And Kieron said that I could arrange to have BT send out an engineer the same day to get his phone and broadband working, or I could go to Starbucks and use their hotspot. So I should be able to send work emails either way. No problem.

So I called the super secret BT engineering scheduling number right after eight, as Kieron had said. There the friendly man at the other end told me that somebody had closed my case, so he was unable to help me. I needed to call 151 and report a fault. No open case, no engineer.

No problem, I'll just call the fault line. The woman I talked to there was trying all sorts of things to get me to not book a time with an engineer. When she ran out of things she thought I should do instead, she finally gave me an appointment the next day. In other words, I wouldn't be able to get Internet access at Kieron's place today.

No problem, there's a Starbucks within walking distance from Kieron's place. After a little more work, I pack up my things and stroll over to Starbucks. There I try to connect to the T-Mobile hotspot. It doesn't work. I follow the instructions in the little leaflet the staff had given me. It still doesn't work. I thought that was very strange because I've been able to use hotspots in other places. So I call the T-Mobile hotspot helpline and get a guy named Andrew on the phone. He probably wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but he stepped me through lots of network settings. In the end he gave up and advised me to go to another hotspot. I'd already wasted lots of time so I thanked him for his advice and went home. There I texted my project manager that I had been unable to connect to the Internet and wouldn't be able to send him the files I'd promised last week.

That would be a problem, it turned out. Apparently the client had scheduled a meeting at two to go through the files I'd promised to send through. It was now 12.30. But the PM said that if I just had a memory card, I could transfer the files onto that and send them from a computer in the library. No problem, I said. I have several cards, a reader and a library that's even closer than the Starbucks.

So off I go to the library. It's one o'clock but I get a computer right away. There I set up my little reader and transfer the files to the PC. Unfortunately the PC won't connect to GT's web mail. It doesn't say why but I suspect that it's because of the faulty certificate. So I wait for the agonisingly slow browser to take me to Hotmail instead. When the page comes up, I realise that I have no idea what my password is. Except that it's a string of random numbers, letters and punctuation marks. No joy.

But that's OK because I can use my Demon email instead and send the files to the project manager. No problem. So I write an email to him and look for the button that says Attachments. I look very carefully in the middle of the page and in all four corners. No button. There's no little paper clip, no matter how hard I look.

But that's no problem, because I can use YouSendIt.com instead. In the end I manage to send the three files through YouSendIt.com. It's a great service and it's free for single files. I'm eternally grateful to them for making me look less like a total flake.

So I text the PM that I've sent the files and ask if he's got them. Immediately I get a text back from T-Mobile telling me that I'm out of credit and that the text hasn't been sent. That's when I couldn't decide whether to scream or to cry.
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After a chaotic morning in the office, it's pure joy to see somebody else screw up for once. I just got an email from Thompson and Morgan. It's dated 12 July. Or rather "juillet" because it's in French. I wish you "de très bons moments dans votre jardin" too. :-)
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Broadband 69.2%, metered dial-up 21.7%, unmetered dial-up 9.1%.The official UK statistics authority, National Statistics, offer a quarterly snapshot of internet connectivity in the UK. The latest statistics are from March 2006 and show that nearly 70% of all connected households use broadband and only 30% still connect through dial-up.

The data is based on answers from a panel of UK ISPs. The response rate was 84% with estimates made for non-responses. Only users who had connected to the Internet during the month that the survey refers to are included.

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F-Secure uses Backweb for automatic updates. I will not remove Backweb no matter how many times Spybot tells me that it is malware.
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So [livejournal.com profile] city_glitter, the human of Schro, the cat that was supposedly set on fire, has confessed that the whole thing was a set up, an experiment. She says that the objective was to restore her father's faith in humanity. She may have done that. But she's also proven herself to be a complete ass hole in the process, not to mention criminal.

The comments to the post where she confesses are quite interesting in how they both expose everything that happened now that people see it in a different light and also how people's values differ about an act as brazen as this one. What seems to get people's goats the most is how she allowed other people to rip apart a person who doubted the veracity of her con.

I wouldn't be surprised if criminal charges are brought against [livejournal.com profile] city_glitter.
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