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May. 19th, 2011 12:38 pm
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Seed Scarification, Seed Stratification & Seed Soaking (gardening)

The Obama Deception: Why Cornell West Went Ballistic (race)

Geronimo, code name for Osama bin Laden, problematic from Native American standpoint (race, privilege)

Analysis of public narrative of IFM boss' rape accusations (rape culture, feminism)

What makes a body obscene? Who has the right to declare something obscene/titillating? (gender, body image, sex, feminism)

UK Rape laws clarification (rape culture, feminism)

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science (psychology, persuasion)

Richard Hofstadter, 1964 article about conservative rhetoric (politics, persuasion)

The Christian Nation “debate”, application of two links above (dominionism, persuasion)
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Lest you ever call yourself a "nice guy".

Five cat photos taken near you, via [ profile] laughsquidfeen.

Why the words "President Palin" scare Matt Damon, via [ profile] mactavish

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show seven years ago.

Abi Sutherland asks for comments about how normal our lives are on this day on Making Light.

[ profile] simplykimberly went to Oregon to bake a sea-shore themed cake for her "sister's" wedding. With video of American-sign-language wedding vows.
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Alberich Mathews's under-water photography on Flickr.

Not-a-morning LOLcat

Care and feeding of a red panda on Cute Overload

Like wet cats? Buy the book.

How to use Web-2.0 sites to track your every move. Now with bonus BedPost commentary.

Sarah Palin's LinkedIn profile, typos and all. The fact that they haven't been fixed even though the link has been making the rounds all morning, shows just how switched on her campaign is.
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This year's prize as the UK's oddest book title was If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs. I like to say that when you write for the web, you should give away the story in the heading. The publisher of this book seems to have taken this advice to heart. It's a self help book for women by a male American author using the pseudonym Big Boom. Second and third came I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen and Cheese Problems Solved. Joel Rickett from The Bookseller, a UK booksellers' magazine, blogs about the prize too.

Aurum Press are going to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of The Bookseller's Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year by publishing a small-format hardback gift book with the original jackets of the best winners and runners-up since the prize was launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1978. The title will be How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books. Sounds like perfect bathroom literature to me.

According to an article at SFgate, the subject of this post was the 2006 winner. I wonder if they published a Western edition.
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The Associated Press' science writer, Malcolm Ritter, wrote about a study published in Wednesday's issue of Neurology. At the article had the heading Big Belly Boosts Risk of Later Dementia.

This is exactly the kind of headline that makes Sandy Szwarc, the Junkfood Science blogger, see red. In an article with the headline Computer Gaming: Your waist doesn’t really go to your head, she picks apart the study and the media coverage of it.

Szwarc starts out by discussing how to recognise when supposedly scientific findings are used for marketing purposes. Then she goes on to point out the flaws in the study. Some of these are:

Dementia was defined as corresponding to certain billing records in Kaiser Permanente's invoice system. Among the codes included was the one for "memory impairment." Needless to say, not all memory impairment is dementia, not even for the elderly. Even Wikipedia is more stringent when defining dementiaas "the progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain beyond what might be expected from normal aging."

According to the Merck Manual of Geriatrics "Diagnosing dementia is extremely imprecise and requires a very thorough physical evaluation to differentiate it from benign age-related memory loss. It also needs to be differentiated from a lot of treatable conditions that mimic dementia among elderly, such as the effects of illness; prescription medications; hypothyroidism; vitamin B12 deficiency; depression and isolation; and poor oxygenation due to lung, heart or circulation problems."

75% of original cohort was excluded and there is no data on how they differed from those that were included in the study. In addition, although the 2008 study reported this week uses the same data as one from 2005, there are unexplained differences in the results.

Finally, this was a retrospective study, i.e. it looked at records of past events and tried to draw conclusions from these. Retrospective studies are considered the weakest type of observational study and should be used mainly for generating hypothesis.

Read the AP "science" article and Szwarc critique of the study side by side to get the full view. Szwarc also has a number of interesting articles on the so called obesity paradox.
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Under the heading SUP's Anton Nosik introduces LiveJournal users to European "customer service" Valleywag reports about Nosik's infamous interview. The snark is funny, particularly the last paragraph.

I sent in a tip about this yesterday. Today they asked how I wanted to be credited. I declined and sent them the link to Nosik's explanation in his own LJ.
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So Microsoft is making an offer to Yahoo that is bordering on the hostile after previous overtures were rejected. Valleywag has all the coverage.

The most interesting article is the live blogging of a conference call with Steve Ballmer and other Microsoft top execs. Valleywags commentary is suitably snarky.

Steve Ballmer's formal offer letter to the Yahoo board is also interesting. Here's a quote:

"Depending on the nature of your response, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!'s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal."

In other words, if you don't accept, your shareholders will crucify you. That message is repeated in a number of ways throughout the letter. Considering that Yahoo shares are at $19, it's probably true too.

Valleywag also have a poll about if Yahoo should take the offer or not.


Dec. 31st, 2007 07:32 pm
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2000-year-old Romano-British skeleton in lead casket found in Yorkshire.

Engagement ring lost when the owner died on-board of wrecked HMS Opal during WWI, found by divers. They traced the family. The ring will likely go to a naval museum on Orkney.

Only known Anglo-Saxon burial place in north England found by freelance archaeologist. The 109-grave cemetery contained "spectacular gold jewellery, weapons and clothing."
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Careful with the sound, it's loud at times. Do watch all the way to the end. If nothing else will bring a smile to your lips, the bow-out will.

Found on, a German-language blog written by a cab driver in Paderborn, Germany.
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Jon Carrol is trying to find his car.

More red squirrel pictures than you can shake a stick at. Plus the occasional woodpecker, toad and other assorted garden wildlife.

Chris Clarke's take on Evolutionary Psychology in his eminently readable blog Creek Running North.

Who knew that a wet baby beaver could be this adorable?
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In this entry are all the external links I found in my content audit of They're presented from the most popular sites to the one-hit wonders. I've put long links behind cuts to avoid breaking your friends page.

I will have to go through this list and correct any broken links. If you click on a link and it doesn't take you where you expected, please let me know in the comments. That will save me some time.

The Winner
Not very surprisingly most external links go to my LJ. There are 12 of those.

Runners Up
I've linked to the National Trust five times but there are probably a lot of pages that should have links to NT that don't have it.

NT links )

Next comes the East Bay Parks District in the San Francisco Bay Area. They're responsible for both Pleasanton Ridge and Sunol Regional Wilderness, places I love with all my heart. They have 4 unique links.

Fourth Place
Several sites have 4 links each: Bartleby,, and Amazon.

Bartleby is useful for art history links.

Four caches registered with They gave out cache ID's in sequential order, so the cache with #369 was very early. has images and facts about very tall buildings. I used it for links to San Francisco sky scrapers. One was duplicated, so there are only 3 unique ones.

Amazon also has only 3 unique links because the link to Holiday Walks in Provence showed up twice. I could add many more Amazon links. In fact I've toyed with the idea of joining their affiliate scheme to make a quid or two.

Amazon UK links )

Three Links
The Art Archive is useful for American artists.

BSC is an American educational institution.

Two Links
I don't know what BMAG is.

Jean-Pierre Chabert has pages about French botany.

Kew Gardens needs no introduction.

The Landmark Trust allows you to rent historical properties for holidays in the UK.

The Nordic Flora is maintained by the botany department of Uppsala University.

Streetmap is the best UK mapping site, particularly for rural locations.

Streetmap links )

Thompson & Morgan are the famous seedsmen.

The University of Toronto were pioneers in putting English-language poetry on the net.

Unique Links
The rest of the list are all the sites that I've linked to only once. This is a wild mix of botany resources, art history galleries, historical sites and much more.

43 more links )
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Since the [ profile] shopblogger made me aware of him, I've been reading the [ profile] bestatter. It's the blog of a prolific German undertaker. Fans of "Six Feet Under" will love it, in fact he is a fan himself. The blog deals with some pretty heavy stuff but there is also room for humour. Like in the intro to a recent entry about a job interview.

Bin ja eigentlich kein Morgenmuffel. Im Grunde bin ich gerade morgens ein fröhlicher und aufgeweckter Mensch, vor allem dann, wenn man mich die ersten 1-2 Stunden nicht anspricht, mir ständig Kaffee reicht und mir am besten einfach aus dem Wege geht…

translation )
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Now this is what LJ was made for: Toilet humour

Rabbits are very hard to please

Two Kinds of Judgment is useful reading for job seekers even if it's meant for people applying for American colleges

[ profile] cmpriest went to an Oakland cemetery and took pictures

An affectionate note to a cat and the cat's answer
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[ profile] rm sums up beautifully why I'm disenchanted with LJ and Six Apart right now. Add to this their continued official support of pro-ana communities and their role in the breastfeeding icons debacle.

Interesting reading in this context is the shortlived blog Exposing LJ Abuse, chronicling the, umm, interesting decisions made by the LJ abuse team. It just begs the question, on what planet is it a good idea to leave enforcing standards (that are nebulous to begin with) to a volunteer team? Wouldn't most reasonable people think that there would be a pretty good risk that you'd end up with lots of trigger happy volunteers keen on enforcing their own little agendas?


Jul. 19th, 2007 01:09 pm
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Little, stripey tails: The cuteness, it burns

"Need to go to France? No, Switzerland? No France? No, Germany. No, I can't make up my mind." Basel Airport to the rescue.

Viking treasure discovered in North Yorkshire: Contains coins from Afghanistan, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia (duh!) and continental Europe.

"In the future, we could all be backseat drivers": Presenting driver-less vehicles from UC Berkeley and Stanford. (Ignore the problematic Bay Area geographic references.)

The Potterdämmerung is nigh, have you made plans?

A Dirty Job but somebody's gotta do it: The blog of a holiday park in Hastings

Do you really need another reason for buckling up? Snopes gives the thumbs-up to a video of a driver being thrown out of his SUV and run over by oncoming traffic
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As expected Metaquotes had a ball with the passing of Jerry Falwell. One nugget was this, presumably fictional, IM conversation.

A coworker drew my attention to Salon's interview with Tinky-Winky sparked by the same occasion.

People think loftier thoughts in rooms with high ceilings according to a University of Minnesota study.

Photo of a red squirrel with snowflakes on the adorable little head.

A Flash banner for HP lets you arrange flowers in a vase.

California Bunny photo. Daily Animals is highly recommended if you like photos of California wildlife. This one was taken near Fremont.
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[ profile] baaaaabyanimals celebrates Mother's Day in the US and some other countries with photos of mothers and their babies, e.g. a cat with her somewhat irregular brood or this cheetah.

I've moved my Firefox bookmarks to the social bookmarking site,, and added a link to the S2 link list in my LJ.

[ profile] sunfell expounds on a backhanded marriage law that has been proposed in the US state of Washington. It's premise is that if the purpose of marriage is to provide a nurturing environment for the children born within the marriage, then couples who do not wish or cannot have children should not be married.
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ListeningToWords, a Library of audio lectures

I took it and so should you. The Web Design Survey If you work with the web as an information architect, developer or designer, you could do worse than spend ten minutes on A List Apart's annual web professional survey.

Elephant seal Nibbles is a menace on Sonoma beach. Apparently he even attacked a pit bull on Easter. That's some marine wildlife!

California is considering banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs
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