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Statue of Admiral Nelson on his column
Good morning, Nelson
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Another job, another round of photos from my way to work. I took these yesterday. They show the way from Charing Cross tube station across Trafalgar Square, past the National Gallery and Edith Cavell statue, up St. Martin's Lane.
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I've just come home because of the tube strike. The strike is announced to start at 18 but Transport for London was asking people to complete their journeys by 17 and saying that they would have to start reducing service by 16.30. Since I live pretty far out, I thought I'd be better off going home early. I hate it when I have to spend hours waiting for trains that may or may not be working.

It's the ever strike-happy RMT that is holding Londoners hostage as usual. The strike is supposed to last for 72 hours. TfL say that normal service can be expected by Friday morning. Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines will be running but are expected to be extremely crowded. Buses and DLR are running. The congestion charge is NOT suspended.

On the radio on my drive home from the station just now I heard the presenter, Jamie Crick, tell an extremely bad joke. I won't mangle it by retelling it here except to say that the punch line was "ex-tractor fan". Right after the "ex-tractor fan" the presenter switched on Verdi's Prisoners' Chorus (Va, pensiero). It was perfectly deadpan. I was still groaning as I parked my car, through the beautiful music.
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The Cajun chicken sandwich from the usual sandwich shop by Farringdon station was too spicy for me. Lunch mark II is salmon sandwich from EAT.
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Something to keep in mind when reading Londoner's responses to today's car bomb near Piccadilly Circus, is that bombs are not new to this city. The 7 July public transport bombs from two years ago killed an unprecedented number of people but there have been people prepared to kill and maim innocent London passers-by for fun and profit at least since the nineteenth century.

Irish people were responsible for lethal bombings from  the 1867 Clerkenwell Prison bomb (yeah, that's eighteen hundred something) to the 1996 Canary Wharf bomb. In the spring of 1999, the year I moved to London, a solitary bigot from Hampshire set off three nail bombs in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

At the time I was amazed at the public reaction, or rather lack thereof. But it's all part of the background noise of living in London, and has been for hundreds of years. It's scary when It happens every now and then but the chances of being one of the unfortunate ones are slimmer than winning the lottery. In a couple of days it will all be forgotten.
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I just saw a fox through my kitchen window. I became aware of movement in my peripheral vision, so I looked up and clearly saw a bushy, white-tipped tail disappear into the hedge. There's no mistaking that stiff movement. Like a cat with arthritis in its hips.
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The logo for the 2012 London Olympics is ugly. It's also hard to decipher out of context.

Apparently 15605 other people think so too. They've all signed a petition to scrap it. Roll your mouse over the comments column to see their scathing verdict. Oops, now there are 16186 signatures. That logo really isn't popular.

Update: The BBC has interviewed some professionals about the design.

Update 6 June 2007:
BBC covers the newspapers' reaction
BBC coverage of the animation sequence that triggered epileptic fits
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Window cleaners on Gothic building in London, EC1
Window Cleaners
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Yesterday I brought the camera in to work. I took photos both on the commute in and on the way from Farringdon to Holborn in the afternoon. This was the first photo I took. It's from the corner of Greville Street and Farringdon Road. Unusually for me both this and many other photos contain people.
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Great article on recovery by Caille Millner, using Gavin Newsom's recent foray into "rehab" as a starting point.

Suzette Haden-Elgin shares her method for writing both fiction and non-fiction in fifteen-minute snippets

The City of San Francisco and the Northeast San Francisco Conservancy are proposing to protect trees vital for the survival of the wild parrots on Telegraph Hill.

The famousest ferret in all the land now has his own set on Flickr. His ferret friend, Kilo, who is less famous but almost as cute, also has one.

The landlord in UK's best known medical district, Harley Street in London, is banning abortion clinics and plastic surgery.

On a lighter note, a Japanese snowplow robot is yellow and looks suspiciously like an anime character.
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Right now most tube lines are part suspended. Only East London, Jubilee and Waterloo & City have a good service. And W&C is cheating by being very short and entirely under cover.

The situation on British Rail is worse. A lot of trains are canceled due to high winds. Some stations are also closed. In London, notably London Bridge and Ealing Broadway.
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Eltham Palace gardens
Wallpaper, feel free to use

This is from earlier on the same afternoon as the previous photo.
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Bench in the gardens of Eltham Palace, Greenwich
Wallpaper, feel free to use

[livejournal.com profile] puneets and I spent a sunny autumn afternoon at Eltham Palace a few weeks ago.

Metro Meme

Aug. 14th, 2006 08:14 pm
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Got at b3co.com!

And one that I used to go on all the time but that was missing:
Östgöta Trafiken
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I met up with my tax accountant and his friend, the cardiologist, tonight. It was great. We went on the London Eye and had dinner at Strada by the Royal Festival Hall afterwards. Now I'm tired and thirsty.

The London Eye was of course a great hit. Even with the cardiologist who is pretty scared of heights. He took lots of photos. It's something about that egg shape that makes people feel much safer than on ordinary ferris wheels. The view was amazing. I pointed out St. Paul's cathedral, the Gherkin, Tate Modern, the BT tower and other landmarks for the visitors.

Strada is always great. I've put little S marks in my London map for their most convenient locations. Tonight I had linguine with seafood and a fig tart afterwards. Yummy. I swear they're not paying me to say that.

But the best part was the conversation. It's so nice to talk to Americans. The conversation just flows with a natural give-and-take. They really listen to your stories and respond with stories of their own that add a new perspective on what you're talking about. You don't always agree but you always come away feeling enriched by having shared views. It reminds me yet again of why I want to move home.
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Hammersmith Bridge
Hammersmith Bridge
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I took the camera to work today and skipped out early. My first stop was Holborn. Then I moved on to Hammersmith, mostly walking along the river. The result is a new Flickr set with 9 photos.
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It's 7 July, one year later and I'm nervous about going on the tube.
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As I was walking down the stairs to the platform at Barbican, there was a customer announcement on the tannoy. The usual canned, cultured woman's voice said "Customer information", then a younger male voice said, enunciating very clearly "England have won, two nil." No further information was given or requested. Everybody knew.
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From the London Underground Realtime Travel News right now:
NORTHERN LINE: Severe delays are occurring due [to] earlier track search for a missing member of staff.
Message received 07:16am
Wonder if they found him. Wonder how they lost him.
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Who wants to live in Burst Racoon? Seen on Neil Gaiman's blog.
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I captured this message on the Transport for London real-time status ticker yesterday. You have to click through to full size to be able to read the message.

Read more about the rescue operation at the BBC site.
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Plain clothes police officers shoot a man at Stockwell station on the Northern Line. Stockwell is south of the river, just a few stations from the Oval. The Victoria line also stops there.
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