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A person dressed in a squirrel costume rapping I wandered lonely as a cloud in the Lakes. Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s speculation about how the advertising agency arrived at this result. Some of the comments taking umbrage at the “improvements” are rather funny too.

Google logo looks like an iceberg for Earth Day. Strangely enough this is the google.co.uk logo. A St. George theme would have been more fitting today.

Art made from/with books Books were destroyed in the process. Bibliophiles have been warned.
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I'm back from Tenerife. We had a great time. The last day, as we were exploring by Abona on the east coast, we found a ghost town. That's where the last picture from the holiday was taken.

The inscription was General Franco's motto. Going to school in Sweden in the seventies, I had Spanish schoolmates whose parents were refugees from the junta. They were journalists, a risky occupation in a dictatorship.

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Mar. 10th, 2007 07:43 am
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Maybe I didn't need that much sun screen after all.
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First I had the sinus infection from hell. Now I'm packing like a mad woman. Tomorrow evening I'm driving to Cheltenham and on Saturday Kieron and I fly to Tenerife for a week in the sun. Really, really looking forward to that. Obviously I'll be taking the camera.

But for now I'm mad busy and still on antibiotics so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me till next Sunday.
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Today I've booked our holiday to the Canaries. We're going the first week of March and staying in Tenerife for a week. It's going to be great. Really looking forward to it.

Next on the to-do list is to find some walking books and/or maps. We have guidebook already, a Lonely Planet.
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When we got to Painswick, the weather didn't look very promising. Still, the gently undulating Gloucestershire landscape is charming.
View of fields and farms from Painswick Rococo Garden, 28 January 2007
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two sunnier pictures )
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Some more photos from Painswick. The first shows a structure that's just there to be pretty: a pierced wall partly surrounding a circular pool. The nice thing is of course the reflection of the arches in the pool. What you can't see in the photo is that the pool was full of wildlife. There were newts and little crabs and other small creepy-crawlies living happily in it.
Pierced wall at Painswick Rococo Garden, 28 January 2007
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There weren't just snowdrops at Painswick, there were cyclamen too.
Cyclamen at Painswick Rococo Garden, 27 January 2007
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Kieron among the snowdrops )
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Yew tree and bench with masses of snowdrops
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We went to Painswick Rococo Garden to see the snowdrops. They were out in full force. The gardens themselves are very pretty, with lots of follies and things to see. Both Kieron and I really liked it.

The village is very quaint too and it's less than half an hours drive from Cheltenham. We'll be sure to return later in the year.
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Kieron at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire

Kieron was taking a photo of the picturesque ruins at Fountains Abbey with his camera phone while I was standing a few metres behind him, with my finger on the shutter release, patiently waiting for him to turn around so I could take a candid shot of him. This was the result.

Because of the low light levels I had to dial up the ISO to 800. That's why the photo is a bit noisy.
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This tree stands on a windswept hill in North Yorkshire, not far from Fountains Abbey. The weather on this day in late December 2006 was very variable with clouds racing across the sky and alternating rain and sun.

Tree on windswept hill with sheep
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York Minster seen from Kings Square at dusk We went to a spa south of York for the tween days.
two photos )
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I'm off to Cheltenham and then York. Have a good winter holiday all of you!
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I've uploaded another page from my Norfolk holiday to my site, mjausson.com. Most of the photos are of a museum railway and seals. As usual, there is a screen saver folder of larger images.

Please take a look and give your feedback, good and bad.
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The weekend was very good. I had brought along a guidebook and we chose to go to Winchcombe, one of the Cotswold gems closest to Cheltenham, on Saturday.

Winchcombe is a little town less than half an hours drive north-east of Cheltenham. It's also incredibly quaint. Really, it's just dripping with quaint. There are more cute little two-storey cottages in mellow cotswold stone than you can shake a stick at, 40 gargoyles are perched on the parish church and there's a castle nearby -- Sudeley.

The castle wasn't open but we walked up as close as we could get. It was a very picturesque walk through the castle park. Both the Tudor castle and the extensive gardens looked very promising. We'll have to come back when they open in spring. It was too cold for Belas Knap, the nearby long barrow, too. But since both [livejournal.com profile] cybermule and my guidebook recommended it, I'm determined to make it there soon.

Today we went furniture shopping, which was a bit of a disappointment for Kieron. He found a coffee table he'd like but the earliest he could get it would be at the beginning of January. Ikea is looking more and more attractive, even if it's a bit of a drive to the nearest one in Bristol.

I floated the idea that Kieron would come with me to Yorkshire for the last few days of this year. Just now I texted him the URL to the hotel. Hopefully he'll want that. It's going to be great without him too but it would be even better with him, I think.
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I've decided what to wear and put the train times on my iPod. Time to hit the shower. Before I leave I need to turn down the heating too, so the plants can do without water. My taxi is due at 4.30.
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[livejournal.com profile] puneets' wedding has been fixed for 3 February and I've confirmed that I'm coming. I'm so excited!

I'll probably leave on 28 January (two days after my birthday) and return on 11 February. That gives me a week for the wedding and all the festivities and a second week to spend holidaying, either in and around Delhi or somewhere else. Puneet has suggested Kerala or Goa.
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